Monday, December 5, 2011

Flushable Fun: The Toilet Humour Gag Gift For Sale Soon

Greetings Loyal Readers,

Well, I'm back with Flushable Fun, the toilet joke gag gift invention.  It may seem odd that this particular blog page has been static for so long.  This is because I was working on creating a new blog page with a more dynamic styling for Flushable Fun...only I didn't know what the heck I was doing or how to integrate it with this blog. It sure is pretty, but apparently not as popular as there is no traffic.  The weird thing is that literally THOUSANDS of you have been dropping in HERE, then coming back, despite my own seeming disinterest!  Thank you...I appreciate your determination to light a fire under me.  Not that I haven't been busy since my last post...though, to be honest, no matter what nightmarish scenarios I may describe here, no matter how true or heartfelt, it all seems like what it is...excuses.  Bottom line...I couldn't figure out how to actually sell my Flushable Fun here. 

If I could have found a way to make a buck from my invention I would have surfaced from the abyss somehow.  Sure, I could monetize my blog, have a bunch of ads running through here, but what I really want is to let you folks BUY the product via this blog.  I don't want to rhapsodize endlessly about how funny and wonderful and exciting Flushable Fun is...I want to SELL the product!  Naturally, our blog host is not going to make that easy.  Nowhere do they even suggest such a possibility.  For the last two years I've been trying to get a free blog to act like a website.  This was a crazy thought a couple of years ago but I've been studying the social media marketing thing and have found other blogs that actually now sell their products from the blogspot!  I am giddy with hope!   This is the last hurdle before success is ours!  I've found folks who are willing to let me in on their secret...for a price!  Now, I may be slow, but I'm not an idiot.  There is nothing I can't learn for free.  The problem is the amount of time it takes.  Time is a valuable commodity.  In fact, the new blogger setup is very web-like, with better templates and landing pages and tabs and categories and picture possibilities. 

As for Flushable Fun, I've had all my supplies in stock awaiting the very instant I get a method to make a sale and receive the remuneration.  I've got a PayPal account, so I'm going to simply ask them what to do.  There is a method of making payments via email, but that seems so, I don't know...amateurish?  I want a bunch of clicky buttons for you to choose your method of payment, just like on a website.  Some day, I may get that website, too. 

Believe it or not, I've taken a course in web design.  What a waste of time and money!  The instructor chose Joomla as the platform.  Beautiful to behold, but not intuitive in the least. You have to read HUNDREDS OF PAGES of how to do everything before you start, then if you make a mistake you have to initiate a support ticket and be prepared to wait for help.  If I was a corporation then yes...spend the money on a professional-looking site...but for a humourous gift idea?  I think NOT.  Almost every other web host on the planet has simple, intuitive click-through free web designs that are remarkably similar to creating these blog pages!  And the backend is easier to edit, too, like blogs.  The Joomla backend is beyond complicated.  They insist it is so easy a complete neophyte can manage to work the front- and backends.  I believe they have forgotten what it is like to have only a spotty, incomplete knowledge of how things work in the real world.  We are not all techies here...hello!  Once in a while a light shines through the darkness but that is about it. 

We don't really push ourselves to learn new things until we have to because there is a certain level of comfort at feeling adept with the little we do know.  For an example, a few years back I was extremely adept at Corel Draw for graphic design.  Then, for some reason, Corel Draw fell into disfavour...probably because a new toy came along...and I got tired of paying for upgrades to an old programme.   Graphic design is nice to know, and I once received an award for a logo, but it is not something I need in my skillset unless I'm looking for a job...which I'm not.  I don't have time for a job unless it is one I create for myself.  I was a bookkeeper for 15 years.  Stick a fork in me, I'm done with being bored!

Feel free to comment or give advise.  Thank you for stopping by.